Family Album & Friends

Eabill USARMY 1947-1950Bill Marder: US Army (1947-1950)

e 10 Collage Bill (William) Marder and Friends  19th Infantry Beppu Japan 1946-1948Collage: Bill Marder and Friends – 19th Infantry – Beppu, Japan (1946-1948)

E1  BEPPU JAPAN 1946-1948 19TH INFANTRY PHOTOS © BILL MARDERCollage: Bill Marder and Friends – 19th Infantry – Beppu, Japan (1946-1948) #2

E3 BEPPU JAPAN 1946-1948 19TH INFANTRY PHOTOS © BILL MARDER SACRCIR@AOL.COMCollage: Bill Marder and Friends – 19th Infantry – Beppu, Japan (1946-1948) #3

E6 BEPPU JAPAN 1946-1948 19TH INFANTRY PHOTOS © BILL MARDER SACRCIR@AOL.COMCollage: Bill Marder and Friends – 19th Infantry – Beppu, Japan (1946-1948) #4

E KOREA 19TH Korea: 19th Infantry

a_jap_child_B&W_1947IMG_2045Japanese Children (1947)

a1B&W-smt bl-11x14-Japanesemoth-baby-1946IMG_3712 copy 18Japanese Mother & Baby (1946)

e Sepiajap-sailor-1948IMG2040 © bill MarderJapanese Sailor 1948

A_To Korea_1948B&WIMG_2026 copyKorea (1948)

cA-B&WJap WomanIMG_2044Japanese Woman

a_playing sold_japan_148IMG_2048Japanese Children Playing Soldier

E SEPIA FARMERJapanese Farmer

E ANEW-(Takarazuka,Dancer)large-Jap DancerJapanese Takarazuka Dancer

EAsepia_greyaB&W-Jap Fisherman-1948Japanese Fisherman (1948)

caB&W-Japan-Looking upIMG_2038 copyJapan: Looking Up

ca-1948-jap shoemakerIMG_2050 copyJapanese Shoemaker (1948)

E SEPIAjap man-BB&WIMG_2049Japanese Homeless Man

EA 2014 clouds-coney-japanI1946MG_2053Coney Island, Japan (1946)

1116194_10151649642194164_358538061_oEstelle and Bill at The Great Wall of China

BILL ESTELLE MARDER ITALY LEANING TOWER 1970SP1090565Estelle and Bill at The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy (1975)

BILL MARDER HORSE HARVEY POLLY CAR 1948P1090507 copyBill Marder on Horse and Harvey Polly on Car (1948)

E 1975 ESTELLE LIL HENRY ADRIAN FRANCEP1090560Henry and Lillian Adrian with Estelle in France (1975)

E BILL EST 12TH ANNUAL PHOTOCOLLECTORS SHOWP1090527Estelle and Bill – 12th Annual Florida Photo Show

E BILL EST 1970SP1090608Bill and Estelle (1970’s)

E bill est china 1994IMG_3759Bill and Estelle in China (1994)

E BILL EST LONDON 1970SP1090553Bill  and Estelle in London (1970)

E BILL EST PINE ISLAND 1980P1090533Estelle and Bill at Pine Island Ridge (1972)

E BILL EST RUSSIA 1994Bill and Estelle in Russia (1994)

E BILL ESTELLE MARDER SCOTLAND 1970SP1090552Bill and Estelle in Scotland (1970)

E BILL MARDER FRIENDS BRIGHTON BEACH BAY 1 1945P1090508Bill Marder and Friends at Brighton Beach (1948)

E BILL MARDER TOMMY BEACH BROOKLYN 1945P1090613 - CopyBill Marder and Tommy on Brighton Beach (1940’s)

E BILL MARDER-HARVEY POLLY ALPHA PHI PI FRATERNITY INIATION 1944 1090504 copyBill Marder: Alpha Pi Phi Fraternity Initiation (1944)

E BILL SARA 1970S HOLLYWOOD FLORIDAP1090568Bill and Sara in Hollywood, FL (1980’s)

E BILLMARDER STICK BALL 146 NEPTUNE AVE. BEHIND HOME 1945P1090521Bill Marder Playing Stickball with 146 Neptune Ave. in the Background (1946)

Eric at Disney World

E ESTELLE MARTHA HAROLD 1960S HIPPIESP1090592 copyHarold and Martha with Estelle (1970’s)

E ESTELLE SEXY 1960SP1090694Sexy Estelle (1960’s)

E ESTTELLE HOVENWEEP RUINS ARIZONA 1970P1090546Estelle – Hovenweep Ruins, Arizona (1970)

E FRATERNITY P1090627Fraternity Pledging

E GAIL BROWNSTONE 1960S BROOKLYNP1090618Gail Fraternity Pledging (1960’s)

E LARRY GAIL CIRCA 1970 P1090531Gail and Larry (1972)

E LARRY GAIL ESTELLE SARA 1960S P1090586Larry, Gail, Estelle, and Sara (1980’s)

E SEXY ESTELLE 1960SP1090515Sexy Estelle 2 (1960)

EA ESTELLE BILL TRIP WEST 6-14 IMG_1993 (2014_08_04 10_15_41 UTC)Bill and Estelle – Trip West (2014)

EA ESTELLES PARENTS SADIE & SIDNEY MARKS 1930SSadie and Sydny Marks (1930’s)

EA GAIL BRIAN ESTELLE SARASOTA 1972P1090733Gail, Brian and Estelle – Sarasota, FL (1972)

ESTELLE CHEVY HARD TOP 1950P1090641 - CopyEstelle with Chevy Hardtop (1950)


ESTELLE VENICE 1968 P1090550Estelle in Venice (1968)

OASIS 3-9-15P1090753Oasis Dinner – Ocala, FL

E ESTELLE PILL BOX HAT 1952P1090912 copyEstelle Wearing “Pill Box Hat” (1952)

Estelle, Gail, Larry, Sara and Eric

EA BILL & ESTELLE MARDER COSTUME DAG CAMERA 1979P1090700Bill and Estelle in Costume – Faux Daguerreotype (1979)

E BRIAN 1960SP1090583Brian (1960)

E ESTELLE STERO VIEWERP1090713Estelle with Stereo Viewer

EA BILL ESTELLE MARDER TINTYPE 1960S CUSTOMEP1090702Bill and Estelle – Tintype (1970’s)

EA BRIAN FAY MOTHER ESTELLE 50TH WEDDING ANNIV FOLKS 1970P1090674 copyBrian, Grandma Faye, and Gail at Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary

ESTELLE KENNEBUNK MAINE 1976 P1090709Estelle at Kennebunk, ME (1976)

E WEDDING 1965 SAM TERRY MYRA FOLKS BILL ESTELLEP1090667Myra, Estelle, Bill, Sam, Terry, Jack, and Faye (1965)

E PEARL & MORT FISKE ESTELLE 1970SP1090731Pearle and Morte Fiske with Estelle (1970’s)

aunt_dodi_and_alizaDodi and Aliza

IMG_0052Marder Family


IMG_0643Dodi, Aliza, Estelle, & Bill in Ocala

estelle_&_saraEstelle and Sara

IMG_0053Dodi 2

E ESTELLE  china-shangahai-1994IMG_3750Estelle in Shanghai, China (1994)

brian_i-hop_2011Brian at IHOP in Ocala, FL (2011)

family_collage_estelle_birthdayFamily Collage for Estelle’s Birthday


IMG_0107Bill and Estelle with Amphicar (1968)

IMG_0112Bill and Estelle (1950)

aunt_dodi_3Dodi 3


brian&billBrian and Bill

Bills birthday 9-22-13Bill’s 85th Birthday (2013)

bill&estelle_after_metEstelle and Bill After They Met (1948)

estelle_10-7-2013Estelle (10/07/2013)

IMG_0208Estelle and Bill’s 63rd Anniversary

estelle_63rd_anniversaryEstelle at 63rd Anniversary

eric goat smallerEric at Petting Zoo

gail camel smallerGail at Petting Zoo

E SAINT JOHNS MARDER- BARASCH 10-25-13Family at Sam St. John’s

IMG_0432Estelle’s 83rd Birthday at Sam St. John’s

IMG_0431Gail at Estelle’s 83rd Birthday

estelle&gail_83rd_birthdayEstelle and Gail at Estelle’s 83rd Birthday

IMG_0429TV at Estelle’s 83rd Birthday

IMG_0433Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Pie

IMG_0434Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Pie 2

IMG_0437Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Pie 3

IMG_0440Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Pie 4

estelle_63rd_birthday_15Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Pie 5

IMG_0436  Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Gifts

IMG_0438  Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Gifts 2

IMG_0428 Estelle’s 83rd Birthday Gifts 3

IMG_0443Thanksgiving 2013

thanksgiving_2013Thanksgiving 2013 2

thanksgiving_2013_1Thanksgiving 2013 3

thanksgiving_2013_2Thanksgiving 2013 4

IMG_0450Thanksgiving 2013 5

IMG_0446Thanksgiving 2013 6

IMG_0445Thanksgiving 2013 7

IMG_0451Thanksgiving 2013 8

IMG_0452Thanksgiving 2013 9

IMG_0102Estelle, Uncle Stanley, & His Girl

IMG_0103Estelle, Uncle Stanley, & His Girl 2

IMG_0104Estelle, Uncle Stanley, & His Girl 3

stanly_4Estelle and Uncle Stanley

IMG_0105Estelle, Uncle Stanley, & His Girl 4

harvey;meltzer;billHarvey Polly, Mr. Meltzer, and Bill Marder

harvey_1946_lincoln_hs_yearbookHarvey Polly (1946 Lincoln H.S. Yearbook)

Brighton Beach, 1943 Bill MarderBrighton Beach (1943)

harvey_2009_charityHarvey Polly and His Charity (2009)

harvey_2009_charity_2Harvey Polly and His Charity with a News Person (2009)

1948_theater  South’s Finest Colored Theater – 1948

E COLOR HARVEY POLLY LORRETTA MARDER BILL MARDERP1090895Early Color Image: Harvey Polly, Loretta, and Bill in Neptune Ave. Basement 

bill;ronnie;harvey;jordanBill Marder with Ronnie Bluestien, Harvey, and Jordan Polly

IMG_0107_2Bill, Estelle, Uncle Stanley, & His Girl

IMG_0114Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013)

sara&evan_visit_1Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 2

IMG_0118Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 3

IMG_0117Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 4

IMG_0112_2Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 5

IMG_0120Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 5

IMG_0115Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 6

IMG_0111Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 7

sara&evan_visit_8Sara and Evan Visit Florida (2013) 8

brian2Brian 2

IMG_0523Sandy & Eric

sandy&eric2Sandy & Eric 2

IMG_0648Estelle & Gail – Belly Dancing

gail_belly_dancingGail – Belly Dancing

estelle_scooterEstelle 2

katz'sKatz’s Deli, NYC (2014)

brian_katz'sBrian at Katz’s Deli (2014)

IMG_0753Gail at Kat’s Deli (2014)

IMG_0754Waiting for a Table at Katz’s (2014)

IMG_0756Gail at the Katz’s Ordering Area (2014)

IMG_0757Gail and Larry waiting at Katz’s (2014)

IMG_0758Inside Katz’s (2014)

IMG_0761Eric, Sara, and Evan at Katz’s (2014)

IMG_0763Larry Taking a Picture at Katz’s (2014)

IMG_0764Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair (2014)

IMG_0765Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 2 (2014)

IMG_0766Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 3 (2014)

IMG_0767Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 4 (2014)

guitar_nycGail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 5 (2014)

IMG_0770Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 6 (2014)

IMG_0771Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 7 (2014)

IMG_0772Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 8 (2014)

IMG_0773Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, Eric and Brian at NYC Street Fair 9 (2014)

IMG_0774Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, and Eric in NYC (2014)

brian_nyc_retouchedBrian in NYC (2014)

IMG_0776Gail, Sara, Evan, Larry, and Eric in NYC 2 (2014)

all_nycSara, Evan, Larry, Eric, and Brian in NYC (2014)

sara&eric_nycSara and Eric in NYC (2014)

IMG_0777Larry and Beer Sampler in NYC (2014)

larry_nycLarry and Beer Sampler in NYC 2 (2014)

IMG_1056Sandy and Eric (2014)

eric_graduation_1Eric’s Collage Graduation (2014)

eric_graduation_2Eric’s Collage Graduation 2 (2014)

eric_graduation_3Eric’s Collage Graduation 3 (2014)

eric_graduation_4Eric’s Collage Graduation 4 (2014)

IMG_1134Eric’s Collage Graduation 5 (2014)

eric_graduation_6Eric’s Collage Graduation 6 (2014)

eric_graduation_7Eric’s Collage Graduation 7 (2014)

eric_graduation_8Eric’s Collage Graduation 8 (2014)

IMG_1133Eric’s Collage Graduation Cake (2014)

eric_graduation_10Eric’s Collage Graduation Dinner (2014)

IMG_1142Eric’s Collage Graduation Collage (2014)

EA BRIA CAT INDIAN ROOMP1080406Brian and Med-Nyte in Ocala (2014)

E BRIAN CATP1080408Brian and Med-Nyte in Ocala 2 (2014)

IMG_1469Estelle’s 84th Birthday

IMG_1472Estelle’s 84th Birthday 2

IMG_1475Mom’s 84th Birthday 3

IMG_1586Mom’s 84th Birthday 4

IMG_1587Mom’s 84th Birthday 5

IMG_1643Mom’s 84th Birthday 6

IMG_1595Mom’s 84th Birthday 7

IMG_1600Mom’s 84th Birthday 8

IMG_1601Mom’s 84th Birthday 9

IMG_1671Gail and Larry at Home

IMG_1672Gail and Larry at Home 2

IMG_1673Gail and Larry at Home 3

IMG_1763Thanksgiving at the Barasch’s

Thanksgiving 2014 3Thanksgiving at the Barasch’s 2

IMG_1767Thanksgiving at the Barasch’s 3

EA THANKSGIVING ALL AT GAIL 11-26-14P1080569Thanksgiving at the Barasch’s 4

E COLLAGE THANKSGIVING 11-27-14Thanksgiving Collage

EA GAILS MANY FACESP1080577Gail – Many Faces

IMG_1777Bill and Estelle – Backyard in Ocala

estelle_outsideEstelle 3

IMG_1786Bill’s Canvas at Home

E2 SANDY ERIC ALLP1080591Eric and Sandy with her Grandma and Aunt

e sandy eric all P1080592Estelle, Eric and Sandy with Sandy’s Grandma and Aunt

OASN Christmas 2014OASN Christmas (2014)

IMG_1875Eric and Sandy – Before and After

IMG_1897Yummy House – Chinese Restaurant in Ocala, FL

IMG_1900Dinner at Yummy House

IMG_1895Family at Yummy House

IMG_1898Eric and Sandy Toasting at Yummy House

IMG_1917Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World

sandy_disney_2Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 2

sandy_disney_3Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 3

sandy_disney_4Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 4

sandy_disney_5Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 5

sandy_disney_6Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 6

sandy_disney_7Sandy’s Birthday at Disney World 7

early_bill&estelleEarly Photos of Bill and Estelle

E FANNIE AND JACOB MARDER P1090636Fannie and Jacob Marder at East Meadow, NY

sharen_1950'sBill’s Cousin Sharen (1950’s)

faye&jack_1965Faye and Jack Marder with Estelle in Background (1965)

bill&estekke_costume_1960'sBill and Estelle Marder at Costume Party (1960’s)

sarasota_1972Gail, Brian, and Estelle – Sarasota, FL (1972)

E BILL ABE NEPTUNE AV 1939P1090896Abe and Bill Marder on Neptune Avenue

bill&sharon_1948Bill and his Cousin Sharon (1948)

EBEST BILL ESTELLE 1950 IMG_7182 copyBill and Estelle in Cape Cod Mass (1950)

E ESTELLE 5-3-15IMG_7701Estelle Breakfast